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Innervisions From The Search
Innervisions From The SearchInner Visions from the Search on DVD. Presented by Rip Curl. Starring Mick Fanning, Nathan Hedge, Jamie O'brien, Ben Dunn, Tom Curren, Kekoa Bacalso, Kieren Perrow, Clint Kimmins, Kyle Ramey, Darren O'Rafferty, Brian Toth, Travis Lynch, Zane Harrison and crew.

Magna Plasm DVD
Magna Plasm DVDMagna Plasm on DVD. A Veeco Productions presentation by Volcom Stone. A cinematic depiction of plasmatic destruction. Starring Bruce Irons, Gavin Beschen, Dave Post, Tai Vandyke and Shawn Barron. Locations include Hawaii, Tahiti, Indonesia, California, Costa Rica, South Africa, Mexico and Australia. Cinematography by Brad Anderson, James Abubo, Sonny Miller, Dave Homcey, Brian Bleak, Chris Tronolone, Runman, Tony Roberts, Dave Seoane and Hollywood from Oz.

Football Shmootball DVD
Football Shmootball DVDFor the first time on DVD with extra bonus features and footage. Welcome to Football Shmootball: a North Shore diary shot entirely on 16mm film in the span of four months (November 2001 to February 2002).Football Shmootball gives you the viewer a look at the unforgiving playing fields of the Pipeline, the Volcom House and the North Shore of Oahu both in and out of the water.You will experience behind the scenes antics from the boys who have lived and breathed the ensuing mayhem at the “Volcom House”. This journal will give you an insightfulperspective of what it really takes to survive on the infamous North Shore. So put on your shoulder pads, tighten your jock and get ready to (press) play. Bonus Features Shmocumentary (Cali movie tour) Yogurt How to Survive the North Shore Warped Tour 2003

Computer Body DVD
Computer Body DVDComputer Body on DVD. A Veeco Production by Volcom Stone. Starring Bruce Irons, Gavin Beschen, Kamalei Alexander, Tai Vandyke, Barney Barron and introducting super grom Dustin Cuizon and the magnificent Ozzie Wright.

Fair Bits DVD
Fair Bits DVDA collection of short surfing films presented by Billabong. Fair Bits, starring Taj Burrow, is a selection of short surfing films featuring collaborative efforts from seven different filmmakers; Brendan & Emmett Malloy, Clark Eddy, Brendan Hearne, Taylor Steele, Scott Soens & Keith Malloy. Teaming up with Hollywood directors Emmett and Brendan Malloy (September Sessions, Shelter), Fair Bits takes viewers on a journey of discoveries around the globe capturing Taj's mind blowing surfing! Features:MexicoFrance (Black and White)Blue Carpet SpecialSponsors Page

Freak Show DVD
Freak Show DVDLadies and gentlemen, boys and girls...direct from the bowels of the world's most fearsome wave, the deadly Banzai Pipeline, comes Jamie O'Brien, the most freakish surfer on Planet Earth! This human oddity will confuse and confound you with his stupendous stunts. He's live, he's inside and he's waiting to entertain you!

Blue Horizon DVD
Blue Horizon DVDJack McCoy's Blue Horizon on DVD. A film by Jack McCoy presented by Billabong. Two paths...one journey. Andy Irons and Dave Rastovich. From the Polynesians to the present. The Yin & Yang story of the 2 time world champion Andy Irons and 21st century soul surfer Dave "Rasta" Rastovich. While Andy slays all challengers to his throne in the closest pro surfing title race in history, Rasta charms the rest of us with his joyous worldly view and magical performances. When you've seen Blue Horizon, you will know all you need to know about the current state of the surfing art. From award-winning film maker, Jack McCoy. "...a stirring, pointed comment on the state of modern surfing that succeeds in creating a unique impression on every viewer." -Tim Baker, Surfing World Magazine Features:Director's commentary with Andy & Rasta Director's cuts - with jukebox feature (Andy & Rasta Smash It Up Cut; Extended Beautiful People Cut featuring Jimi; Big Morning Teahupo

49 Degrees DVD
49 Degrees DVDJourney to Western Vancouver Island's rugged coastline for a chance to see the birth of this northwest surf culture phenomenon. At 49 Degrees - Fahrenheit and parallel, cold water surfing thrives by the ancient temperate rainforests of Western Canada.Canada's west coast surfers have existed in their utopian solitude for more than 30 years. What was once a remote and simple way of life is now at the hands of a globalizing culture. The end of a soul searching era for some, and for others, a new beginning.The evolution of Canadian surfing begins at 49 degrees. Featured Riders:The BRUHWILER Family - The OKE Family - RIVERMOUTH MIKE - and some surfing originals

Billabong Odyssey DVD
Billabong Odyssey DVDBillabong Odyssey on DVD. The search for the world's biggest wave. Anytime, anywhere. The best big-wave surfers on the planet are equipped, trained and ready to catch Mother Ocean's most awesome waves. Billabong Odyssey documents the life-or-death adventure of a team of surfers on a quest to find and ride the biggest wave on the planet. "The Delta Force of surfing" is how one team member describes this group of the world's best tow-in surfers that includes Mike Parsons, Brad Gerlach, tow surf pioneer Ken Bradshaw, women's world champ Layne Beachley and the Santa Cruz wildmen Skindog, Flea, Barney and Josh Loya. Chasing big waves took the Odyssey to new locations like the opening ocean big waves of Cortes Bank, the beaches of Spain and France, the vicious barrels of Tahiti and the famed mammoth surf of "Jaws" off Maui. Capturing Mike Parsons' jawdropping ride in Hawaii, Billabong Odyssey is one primo ride. Come along on the expedition! "A thousand people ha

Drive Thru Japan DVD
Drive Thru Japan DVD4 surfers. 14 days. Japan. Ride along with Rob, Benji, Donavon, and Barney as the epic surf saga of "The Drive Thru" continues...into the Mystical Land of Japan. Starring Rob Machado, Donavon Frankenreiter, Benji Weatherley, Shawn "Barney" Barron, Nori Ohno, Mar Ohno, Chris Markovich, and Adam Faunce. Features:Movie Outtakes"The Land of All the Waves"A Scenic ReelMovie TrailersJapan bonusMusic and more

Drive Thru Europe DVD
Drive Thru Europe DVD14 Day Productions presents a film by Greg Browning. Starring Benji Weatherley, Kelly Slater, Pat O'Connell, Rizal Tanjung and Ry Craike. Spain, France, Italy, Portugal. 5 surfers, 14 days. Europe. Features:7 Reels of bonus footageDeleted ScenesBonus surf sessionsPhoto AlbumScenics ReelsTrailersDirectors Commentary

Stylemasters DVD
Stylemasters DVDA film by Greg Weaver and Spyder Wills documenting the North Shore and the evolution of performance surfing during the 1970's. Stylemasters...the evolution of retro. Journey back to a time of change...when boards became shorter and movements more radical. A time when style was being redefined, and there were no limits as to where surfing could go. All killer/no filler. Features:Present day interviews with Gerry Lopez, Peter "PT" Townend, Shaun Tomson, Wayne "Rabbit" Bartholomew, "Buttons" Kaluhiokalani, Dan Merkel, Greg Weaver and Spyder Wills."Extra style" surf sessionMerkel Classics slide show

Drive Thru Australia DVD
Drive Thru Australia DVD3 Surfers, 14 days, Australia. Starring Benji Weatherley, Donavon Frankenreiter, Rob Machado, Dean Morrison, Steve Irwin, Margo, Dylan Longbottom, Koby Abberton and Blow Up Kalani Robb. Round three! First they surfed down the coast of California. Then they took Japan by land, air and sea. Now the crew is taking OZ by storm. Donavon, Benji Weatherley, Rob Machado and the winter of 2003. A blowup doll, a couple RVs, a small crew and the long road down under. The Drive Thru Australia. Surfing down the east coast of OZ for 2 weeks, the crew meets up with Dean Morrison, Margo, and friends, score the best waves seen yet on any Drive Thru trip and even find time to chill with the Crocodile Hunter, Steve Irwin. On the road...AGAIN! Features:Directors TalkTop WavesKalani RobbA Scenic ReelA Super 8 ReelBonus SurfingAn Underwater ReelWipeouts and more

Campaign DVD
Campaign DVD2 disc DVD set includes five soundtracks...original, punk, funk, rock, emo. Over 60 minutes of bonus scenes. Get codes to unlock secret reels. See behind the scenes. Pro surfers are the target for todays solution in corporate marketing. Extreme sports are hot and the suits will do anything to get a piece of the youth market. As they say in the ad game, surfing sells. Features:Disc OneFull feature length film Campaign (70 minutes)Short "Best of" version of Campaign (6 1/2 minutes)5 optional soundtracks to choose from...Original, Punk, Emo, RocknRoll, and The FunkDisc TwoKeith Malloy's Double Up (director's cut)Tim Curran's Eatable SunblockSlater/Dorian Acting SchoolMultiple music videosMovie trailersBonus surf sessions (33 1/2 minutes)Winner of Transworld Surf / Poor Specimen amateur filmmakers contestAccess 7 secret bonus reels through entry codes found on our sponsors websitesA Behind the Scenes reel on the production set of CampaignPoor S

Momentum DVD
A high-energy surf video featuring the top up-and-coming surfers under the age of 23. Set in exotic locations such as Mentawai Island, Australia, South Africa, France, Timor Island, Indonesia, Mexico, Hawaii and California, this video encompasses explosive surfing from around the world. Momentum Under the Influence highlights a new breed of surfers taking the steps toward making surfing history. See who is leading the path in the years to come.Features:Starring: CJ Hobgood, Dan Malloy, Mick Fanning, Bruce Irons, Taj Burrow, Damien Hobgood, Joel Parkinson, Ben Bougois, Andy Irons, David Rastovich, Dean Morrison.Directed by: Poor SpecimenEdited by: Matt Beauchesne

Yield Platinum Ed. 4 DVD
Yield Platinum Ed. 4 DVDThirty Four Films have re-released their film “Yield” in a new Platinum Edition 04 with an added bonus disc featuring all new segments. Some of the new features include and all new re-cut and re-energized Dane Reynolds segment as well as unreleased footage of Andy and Bruce Irons, Tim Curran, Mick Fanning, Dean Morrison, Joel Parkinson, Jay Phillips, and more.......Yield represents a new era in surf film that is based on the high energy and immense talent present in the sport today. The film documents the world’s best surfers in locations such as Australia, CA, Hawaii, Indonesia, Fiji and more. Fueled by an intense soundtrack and creative editing, “Yield” gives way to the future of surfing. Features:Andy Irons, Kelly Slater, Dane Reynolds, Mick Fanning, Bruce Irons, Tim Curran, Dan Malloy, Tim Reyes, Bobby Martinez, Taylor Knox and many more

Riding Waves
By Josh Williams, this film is shot entirely on film (16 and 35mm) and with a crew of 7 cinematographers, subject matter captured ranges from veteran Kelly Slater to the new boys, Cheyene Magnusson and Danny Fuller.Features:RUN TIME:35 mins plus extensive extrasLOCATIONS:The Caribbean, Nicaragua, Costa Rica, Tahiti, West Oz, the Gold Coast and Hawaii SURFERS:Kelly Slater, Ben Bourgeois, Danny Fuller, Fred Patacchia Jr, Nathan Fletcher, Strider Wasilewski, Todd Morcom, Peter Mel and Mark Healey MUSIC:DJ Greyboy, Steven Stern, Metallica and more DVD EXTRA'S:Giant Jaws Session Winter 02/03, Rider Interviews, Switch Sequences and Behind the Scenes

Drive Thru South Central America
Drive Thru South Central AmericaTop professional surfers Shane Dorian, Donavon Frankenreiter, Benji Weatherly, Ozzie Wright, and Kalani Robb make their way through Panama, Brazil, and Chile in a hilariously action packed two week real world, road trip. The Drive Thru South Central America is the fourth installment of the ongoing Drive Thru series. Whether it’s hang gliding in Brazil, off roading in Chile or stand up barrels in Panama, the Drive Thru offers a unique first hand experience for everyone to enjoy. DVD Features:OuttakesAlternate Ending

Steel Drive Thru Australia
Poor Specimen Productions presents Drive Thru Australia on DVD. 3 Surfers, 14 days, Australia. Starring Benji Weatherley, Donavon Frankenreiter, Rob Machado, Dean Morrison, Steve Irwin, Margo, Dylan Longbottom, Koby Abberton and Blow Up Kalani Robb. Round three! First they surfed down the coast of California. Then they took Japan by land, air and sea. Now the crew is taking OZ by storm. Donavon, Benji Weatherley, Rob Machado and the winter of 2003. A blowup doll, a couple RVs, a small crew and the long road down under. The Drive Thru Australia. Surfing down the east coast of OZ for 2 weeks, the crew meets up with Dean Morrison, Margo, and friends, score the best waves seen yet on any Drive Thru trip and even find time to chill with the Crocodile Hunter, Steve Irwin. On the road...AGAIN! Features:Directors TalkTop WavesKalani RobbA Scenic ReelA Super 8 ReelBonus SurfingAn Underwater ReelWipeouts and more

Laird DVD
August 17, 2000 was a momentous day in the history of man's relationship with water. On that beautiful day, in Teahupoo, Tahiti, the great surfer Laird Hamilton rode that beach's famed 40-foot wave, which had been the stuff of surfing legend and mythology for decades. An awe-inspiring feat of man conquering the fatal power of nature, Hamilton's ride was captured on beautiful 35 mm and high-definition film for the world to witness.

September Sessions DVD
September Sessions DVDThe September Sessions on DVD. Special Edition DVD and CD Soundtrack featuring songs from Jack Johnson with additional music from G Love, Ozomatli, DJ Greyboy and others. A film by Jack Johnson. Produced by Kelly Slater. The Tomorrowland story brought to life in brilliant 16mm film. Starring Slater, Gerlach, Dorian, Machado, Egan, and Williams. "The waves were as good as waves get" -Sumatra/September/1999 DVD Special Features:Bonus video: Extra LeftsBonus video: Extra RightsBonus video: The Making OfBonus audio: Commentary by Kelly and JackBonus audio: Commentary by Brad and Rob

Thicker Than Water DVD
Thicker Than Water DVDThicker Than Water. A film by the Moonshine Conspiracy. Special Edition Soundtrack and DVD. Thicker Than Water is a collection of images and memories that started with the first time we stood on the deck of a surfboard and ends with an eighteen-month journey through the North Atlantic, South Pacific and the Bay of Bengal. " There was a moment last year that sums up Thicker Than Water. We were on the northwest coast of Ireland hiding from sixty miles per hour wind behind an old stone wall. Noah Johnson had decided to windsurf across a flooded cow pasture using a towel as a sail and we were determined to capture a shot of him. As we fumbled with lenses and a new can of film a massive gust swirled over head then descended upon the freezing water pushing Noah forward. Everyone cheered and Chris yelled something to me but his words didn't penetrate the wind. I'm not sure but I think he said, 'Now we're making a surf film!' " -Jack Johnson DVD Special Fea

Seedling DVD
Seedling DVDThe Seedling on DVD. By Thomas Campbell shot entirely on 16mm film. A movie about the beauty of log riding and its other various appendages. The Seedling is a documentation of a small pod of California log riders. Shot entirely on 16mm. Featuring Devon Howard, Joel Tudor, Seitaro Nakamura, Erik Sommer, Kassia Meador, Dane Peterson, Josh Farberow, Jimmy Gamboa and honorable sliders Skip Frye and Donald Takayama. Shot on location in Mexico, France, California, Hawaii, New York and the Canary Islands. The Seedling is a gift for you, a movie in full trim. Enjoy. Special Features:Joel Tudor Sliver of Quiver 2004Xtra Hexico - Gamboa Goes NutsXtra Bu-nana SessionThe Lost Sidewalk Surfer Drawings of Evan HecoxAndy Davis Sausapitas MuralT.Moe Art Junk 1997-2002New Seedling - Alex Knost Has First Art ShowNew Sprout TrailerEar Eye Data Poop TrailerPlus 20 shorts and trailers by twenty friends.

Volcom The Bruce Movie DVD
Volcom The Bruce Movie DVD From Kauai super grom to Pipe Master, it's all Bruce. Shot entirely on 16mm, Super 8 and 35mm movie film, "The Bruce Movie" is an in-depth look at one of the most renowned surfers on the planet: Bruce Irons. Some have described Bruce as, "A freak", "Unpredictably spontaneous", "Explosive" and "The deadliest guy on tour". Bruce's uncanny tube riding ability and high flying aerial attack will leave you awestruck. Along his path, Bruce has won surfing's most prestigious event: The Eddie Aikau Big Wave Invitational. A must have for your movie library.

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