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Scarpa Dominator Climbing Shoes
Now here’s a shoe that shouts performance. Quite simply, the Dominator is designed for high-level climbers who demand laser precision and extreme control. It’s constructed on a single-cambered, mid-volume last allowing climbers to edge on dimes, hook, paste and smear with ease, while a deep heel pocket and sculpted arch provide torsional stability and control. Topped off with a speed-lacing system and graduated midsoles—the Dominator goes on in seconds and provides all the sensitivity a performance climber dreams of. Features:High control for both vertical and overhanging routes V-lock rand stabilizes big toe for scumming and hooking Graduated polypropylene midsole is ultra sensitive

Scarpa Dominator VELCRO brand fasteners brand fasteners Climbing Shoes
Combining the comfort of a slipper with the performance of a lace-up, the Dominator Velcro® brand fasteners is designed for high- performance bouldering and sport climbing. Wear it tight for a precision fit and enjoy this shoe’s sensitivity on indoor walls and grippy toes in the outdoors. Built on the higher- volume, single-cambered last of the Dominator, the Dom V’s Velcro® brand fasteners closure sucks it to the foot and creates a perfect, non-toe-crushing fit on the first go. Great for boulderers or sport climbers who want a shoe that’s slightly less stiff than the traditional Dominator but require laser precision and sensitivity with an edge. Features:High-performing bouldering and sport shoe Sensitive midsole allows for precision climbing V-lock rand is good for toe and heel hooks

Scarpa Marathon Climbing Shoes
We’re always looking for two things from our rock shoes: performance and comfort. Well, the Marathon delivers on both counts. An extremely comfy and forgiving shoe, the Marathon has a supportive arch and a relaxed heel. The integrated PU heel wedge supplies an amazing amount of comfort during belays and talus descents, while the polypropylene midsoles provide both support and flex. And while these shoes don’t take long to break in, they maintain their functional characteristics over time…even over multiple resoles. Great performance, great comfort = great shoes.Features:New, all-day, comfort-based shoe Heel wedge for added comfort Great for lower-angle, longer-than-average routes

Five Ten T Rocks Climbing Shoe
Do it all in a day without changing shoes. If you're like most of us, you like to mix up your climbing action. Five Ten's multipurpose T-Rock is the spice of life across faces, smears and cracks. The proprietary ST rubber outsoles in Five Ten shoes have a reputation for unsurpassed friction performance, but no shoe works without a slip better than those properly shod in ST C4, the most tricked-out, stickiest sole you can edge on any surface. Like other Five Ten shoes, the T-Rock features a patented side exit heel seam that eliminates the hot spots typically associated with shoe stitching.Features:Padded split tongue beneath a lace-up closure Synthetic Nubuck upper Anasazi last ST C4 sole for optimal friction Manufactured in the USA

Five Ten Spire Climbing Shoe
Every year the Spire is the best selling rock shoe in the U.S. It’s the perfect all-around climbing shoe, engineered for the climber seeking ultimate value, unmatched comfort, versatile performance and premier materials.Features:Unlined leather upperST C4 solesSide exit heel seamDual pull-on loopsAsym toeSlingshot heelPadded tongue

Five Ten Newton Climbing Shoe
One of the stiffest shoes in the Five Ten line, the Newton is a high-precision tool that is comfortable enough for long, multi-pitch routes. A pointy, Asym toe locks onto dime-thin edges.Features: Lined non-stretch Cowdura upperST C4 solesSide exit heel seamDual pull-on loopsAsym toeSlingshot randS-Fit lacing

Five Ten Anasazi VELCRO brand fasteners brand fasteners Climbing Shoe
Five Ten Anasazi Velcro® brand fasteners Climbing ShoeFeatures:The Velcro® brand fasteners and Lace-up Anasazis are the top selling performance shoes in Europe. The Velcro® brand fasteners offers more sensitivity for pulling on holds on steep rock--a powerful tool for extreme sport climbing. Lined Cowdura synthetic upperST C4 solesSide exit heel seamDual pull-on loopsAsym toeSlingshot randVelcro® brand fasteners closurePadded split tongue

Five Ten Sapphire Climbing Shoe
The Sapphire is Five Ten’s latest women’s climbing shoe model, and is incredibly comfortable. Designed to fit the female foot with a low volume instep, narrower heel and higher arch. Features:The S-fit lacing system lengthens the adjustment area, making for a custom fit. The Sapphire shines everywhere: long desert tower routes, climbing gyms, or your backyard crag. Ceylon blueUnlined leather upperST C4 solesSide exit heel seamDual pull-on loopsS-Fit lacingAsym toeSlingshot heelBuilt on our female-specific last

La Sportiva Enduro
An economical, versatile rock shoe with a design that defies the spartan nature of most entry-level shoes.Features:Genuine suede leather uppers offer natural breathability and abrasion resistance: Isofix moisture-wicking liners keep your feet dry and comfortable.A tight, form-fitted heal, a redesigned midsole and a rounded cuff provide a tailored fit that feels solid and secure on edges, slopes and cracks.Sticky rubber soles and rand provide great non-slip friction for holding power on smears.

La Sportiva Rock Jock
La Sportiva Rock JockFor all day comfort on long alpine routes, trad routes and bouldering Features:FIT Patent-pending lacing system cradles your forefoot and allows precision adjustment to the heel fit GRIP FriXion® rubber with high, sticky full coverage rands for crack climbing performance FUNCTION Micropore suspension and sticky Dot Rubber in the heel area provide a comfortable secure ride in any kind of terrain

La Sportiva Rock Jock Climbing Shoe
La Sportiva Rock Jock Climbing ShoeFeatures:For all day comfort on long alpine routes, trad routes and boulderingFIT Patent-pending lacing system cradles your forefoot and allows precision adjustment to the heel fit GRIP FriXion® rubber with high, sticky full coverage rands for crack climbing performance FUNCTION Micropore suspension and sticky Dot Rubber in the heel area provide a comfortable secure ride in any kind of terrain

La Sportiva Venom
The new La Sportiva Venom does for the slipper what the Testarossa does for lace-ups. This slipper is a triumph of design and construction. The Venom’s shape comes from the blockbuster Testarossa last, giving it an asymmetrical, down-turned, pocket-seeking toe. The 0.8mm Laspoflex midsole in the forefoot provides a stable platform while retaining maximum sensitivity; sticky XSV on the outsole provides the highest performance rubber available; and a pioneering flexible, breathable, sticky Vibram® Web Rubber upper focuses power to the toe box and provides a sticky surface for toe hooking. All these innovations relentlessly drive power to the front of the shoe, allowing performance never seen before in a slipper. PD85 last creates the powerful asymmetrical, down-turned, pocket-seeking toe Sticky, durable XSV sole, innovative XSV Web Rubber upper, and full XSV heel coverage make this shoe sticky no matter where it hits the rock! Web Rubber upper focuses power to the toe box and prov

La Sportiva Testarossa Climbing Shoe
La Sportiva Testarossa Climbing ShoeFeatures:The’ technical climbing shoe, inspired by the Mirage project. The optimum combination between synthetic and natural materials is the ideal compromise between comfort and technicality. Internal lining only in the toe and the heel, combines with the breathability and comfort of leather. The rand system is an active feature of the shoe and distributes the plantar tension in a progressive way. The new asymmetrical lacing system allows the personalized adjustment of the internal volume. The fore foot hytrel misole implant, allows a ‘better wrapping’ of the plantar arch and the heel.Upper: suede leather combined with Lorica®, slip lastedLining: Pacific in the toe and heel. Dry-Lex® in the tongue. Unlined in the middle.Last: PD 85Fit: mediumMidsole: new Hytrel® anatomical support in the metatarsal archSole: Vibram® formula XSV 3,5 mmWeight: 420 gr. per pair

LA Sportiva Tora Climbing Shoes
LA Sportiva Tora Climbing ShoesThe Tora is a Velcro® brand fasteners shoe merging comfort with performance. The Tora’s dual Velcro® brand fasteners straps allow for easy-on/easy-off convenience while still providing fit adjustment. The Tora is slip-lasted with a partially lined upper for comfort out of the box. Sticky 4mm FriXion® rubber provides the perfect balance of stickiness and durability. With all these performance features and legendary La Sportiva quality, the Tora offers great value with performance!Features:Upper LeatherConstruction Slip LastedLast RLD65Lining Forte in the toe box onlySole 4mm FriXion® GreenMidsole 1.8mm full length SaviumWeight 18 oz.

La Sportiva Focus
La Sportiva FocusFeatures:Very versatile and comfortable low-cut shoe. It is particularly suitable for technical climbs, on edges and in cracks. These characteristics, together with a new heel fit, make it an all-around shoe, and put it on the top of the category.Upper: suede leather, slip lastedLining: cotton canvasLast: RN 25Fit: mediumMidsole: 2 mm salpaSole: Vibram® formula XSV 5 mmSizes: 33 - 48, including half sizesWeight: 590 gr. per pair

La Sportiva Katana climbing Shoe
La Sportiva Katana climbing ShoeFeatures:Technical shoe with innovative closure, consisting of two Velcro® brand fasteners straps with differentiated and opposite pull direction. Ideal for multi-purpose use in the mountains, crags and bouldering. The successful combination of synthetic and natural materials provides the best compromise between comfort, technical performance and inalterability in the long run.A special midsole with prehensile area under the toe provides optimal edging support, increasing sensitivity.Upper: suede leather combined with Lorica®, slip lastedLining: Dentex on the back, Pacific in the frontLast: PD55Fit: mediumMidsole: Laspoflex 1,1 mm, with prehensile area Sole: Vibram® formula XSV 4 mmWeight: 450 gr. per pair

La Sportiva Kaukulator
La Sportiva Kaukulator

La Sportiva Mythos Climbing Shoe
La Sportiva Mythos Climbing ShoePerfect synthesis of technology, comfort and performance. It is the most versatile model of the entire range, because it is suitable for all kinds of rock. The tested lacing system and the perfect stiffness of the midsole offer the best compromise between sensitivity and friction.Features:Upper: suede leather, slip lastedLast: RN 25Fit: medium/largeMidsole:Laspoflex 1,1 mmSole: Vibram® formula XSV 4 mmSizes: 33 - 48, including half sizesWeight: 450 gr. per pairPatent: lacing system

La Sportiva Mistral
The Mistral is the performance shoe of choice of those who spend a lot of time sport and gym climbing and need one shoe that can do just about everything well. The Velcro® brand fasteners closure system cinches down the shoe in all the right places and provides easy-on easy- off slipper functionality without any performance sacrifice. The stretch-neoprene liner, which opens wide to allow easy entry, makes the Mistrals comfortable for long routes or extended gym sessions. The unlined synthetic Lorica toe box keeps stretch to a minimum and the 1.1mm Laspoflex midsole is the perfect compromise between stiffness and flexibility. Based on the Miura last, the Mistral has an asymmetrical shape that focuses edging power to the big toe and inside edge. Designed to fit tight, you will want to downsize 2-3 sizes from your street shoe size and climb with your toes in the power position - toes crimped but not bent in half.Features:Upper: Lorica front - Suede Leather back Constructio

La Sportiva Miura
The “Miura” holds the ultimate ‘all round’ solution to the extreme requirements of modern climbing: friction, sensitivity, precision on edges and comfortable fit. The “Miura” is derived from the “Mirage” and is very aggressive and extremely effective on small foot holds, pockets, and in cracks. Further, the new 4 mm XSV Vibram® sole guarantees incredible friction and resistance to wear and tear.Features:Upper: suede leather, slip lastedLining: DentexLast: PD75Fit: medium/largeMidsole: Laspoflex 1.1 mm, forefoot onlySole: Vibram® formula XSV 4 mmWeight: 450 gr. per pair

Montrail Method CTX Climbing Shoe - Unisex
Montrail Method CTX Climbing Shoe - UnisexColor Shown:Red"The Method looks radical, like it means business--and it doesn't disappoint. I expected high performance climbing out of them because of the extreme look, but was completely surprised by the comfortable fit and mind blowing CTX thermo-moldable heel and toe box. I've worn the method for over an hour at the climbing gym with out taking them off my feet, which is unheard of for a performance slipper. The snug-fitting heel cup has ample (but not too much) rubber for hooking, and the ribbed rubber over the top of the toe box and tongue is a big help during creative Gritstone madness!" - Neil Bentley - British Based Climber and Montrail Team LeaderFeatures:Upper Material: LeatherOutsole Compound: GryptoniteMidsole: Texon

Montrail Splitter
Montrail SplitterThe Splitter is designed to hold your foot in a comfortable neutral position for dexterity and mobility in crack climbing, long routes, and all-day comfort. However, due to the construction design and upper materials (unlined leather), the shoe can be worn tight, stretching to fit, and putting the foot into a high-performance power position. The toe shape is more symmetrical, which accommodates a toes-flat position better than an asymmetric toe shape. The toe shape also works well for Morton's toe (second toe longest) foot types. The last is flat and the heel narrow, allowing the shoe to lace up snugly on even the narrowest of feet. The upper is 1.7 mm suede with synthetic lacing overlays for support and control. The lacing extends far down the toe for volume adjustment over the whole length of the foot. The toe rand covers the high abrasion areas and protects the laces from the highly abrasive scraping and tearing of cracks (and rock in general). The mi

Montrail Zealot Climbing Shoes
If you spend time memorizing the moves on your latest project, whether it is at the crag, the boulder, or the gym, then the Zealot is your shoe. The Zealot is a high-performance synthetic Velcro® brand fasteners slipper. It is built on a super precise, cambered last to focus your foot power right to the spot where the rubber meets the rock. To maximize its precision, there is a 1.0 mm molded nylon midsole for excellent edging power and control. The Zealot is really two slippers in one: first, it is a sock-like slipper that hugs your foot with a breathable, stretch nylon mesh, then there is an external harness made from a rubberized synthetic which closes with two opposing Velcro® brand fasteners straps to securely lock your foot into the lined, synthetic Nubuck upper. The heel is made from multiple layers of Gryptonite™ rubber to create a secure, sculpted heel pocket that is vicious for heel hooking.Features:Features:Gryptonite™ Rock Shoe IntegraFit Technical

Montrail Cruiser Climbing Shoe
The Cruiser was built from the ground up with comfort in mind. This is not a stripped-down version of a high-end model. It is packed with features that make it super comfortable without sacrificing climbing performance. For starters, the construction is unique. It has a plush, padded tongue with no irritating seams over your toes. The upper is made from some of the finest leather available; tough, breathable Perwanger™ leather of Italy. The heel has a thin, cushy EVA wedge covered by a slightly lugged Gryptonite™ outsole for extra traction on descents and when you are cruising around on gravelly ledges. The tension on your heel is easily adjustable with a simple buckle system that allows you to tighten or loosen the shoe while climbing. Keep it loose when you're on easy terrain or when you're descending. Crank it down when it's getting hard and you need a little more precision. The Cruiser was designed to be worn very comfortably - toes flat. The toe box is generous enough to

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