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Black Diamond Positron Screwgate
With a keylock nose that prevents the Positron Screwgate from snagging on bolt hangers or gear, this biner is ultra-easy to clip and clean. A perfect balance in size and weight, the Positron is ideal for hauling, rigging or top-roping. The Positron is a great utility biner offering good performance and durability. Features:Weight: 55 g (1.9 oz) Strength: Closed Gate: 25 kN (5620 lbf) Open Gate: 8 kN (1798 lbf) Minor Axis: 8 kN (1798 lbf) Keylock nose prevents snagging Ideal for hauling and rigging Perfect balance of size and weight for a utility biner

Black Diamond Rock Lock Screwgate
Black Diamond Rock Lock ScrewgateBecause biners and quickdraws are essential tools for climbers, they need to offer superb function and versatility. You don’t want to be fumbling around on the crux clip looking at a day-wrecking fall. At Black Diamond they make the best biners and draws imaginable, with design, manufacturing and quality control all under one roof. They're proud of their biners and draws that enhance—and don’t disrupt—the fluid movements of climbing.

Black Diamond Rocklock Twist Lock Carabiner
Black Diamond Rocklock Twist Lock Carabiner Features:Non-snagging keylock nose Large capacity Easily operated with one hand

DMM Zodiac Screwgate
DMM Zodiac ScrewgateThe Lynx range has been at the centre of the DMM Range for many years now, and it was difficult to see how they could be improved on as a stock item. Well we have ! To fall in line with the latest developments they too have an I beam back, giving them an ultra modern look and shedding a massive 15 grams off their respective weights.

DMM Sentinal HMS Screwgate
DMM Sentinal HMS ScrewgateAt Last a really lightweight yet rope friendly belay biner. Once again the I beam construction comes into its own by allowing us to combine strength lightness and Function to give an easy to handle biner that offers great working space, with an excellent rope bearing radius. All in all the complete compact belay biner for those who are serious about the weight of their rack.

Omega Pacific Doval Wire Gate
Omega Pacific Doval Wire Gate Features:Gate Opening mm / inch - 25 / .984Major-Axis Strength - 25kNGate Open Strength - 7kNMinor-Axis Strength - 7kNWeight grams / ounces - 37 / 1.30Length mm / inch - 92.2 / 3.63 Width mm / inch - 53.1 / 2.09

Omega Pacific JC Wiregate
Omega Pacific JC WiregateFeatures:Gate Opening mm / inch - 22 / .866Major-Axis Strength - 21kNGate Open Strength - 7kNMinor-Axis Strength - 9kNWeight grams / ounces - 41 / 1.45 Length mm / inch - 88.9 / 3.50 Width mm / inch - 52.1 / 2.05

Omega Pacific Jake Screw Lock
Omega Pacific Jake Screw Lock Features:Gate Opening mm / inch - 23 / .906 Major-Axis Strength - 23kNGate Open Strength - 8kNMinor-Axis Strength - 10kNWeight grams / ounces - 108 / 3.8Length mm / inch - 114.3 / 4.5 Width mm / inch - 80.0 / 3.15

Omega Pacific Jake Jr. Screw Lock
Omega Pacific Jake Jr. Screw Lock Features:Gate Opening mm / inch - 21 / .827 Major-Axis Strength - 24kNGate Open Strength - 9kNMinor-Axis Strength - 10kNWeight grams / ounces - 91 / 3.2 Length mm / inch - 104.1 / 4.1 Width mm / inch - 72.6 / 2.86

Omega Pacific Jake 3 Stage Quick Lock
Omega Pacific Jake 3 Stage Quick Lock Features:Gate Opening mm / inch - 23 / .906 Major-Axis Strength - 23kNGate Open Strength - 8kNMinor-Axis Strength - 10kNWeight grams / ounces - 108 / 3.8 Length mm / inch - 114.3 / 4.5 Width mm / inch - 80.0 / 3.15

Petzl Charlet OK Locking Oval Carabiner
The Petzl Charlet OK locking oval carabiner features the keylock gate system to help eliminate snags on rope and webbing, and Petzl Charlet's exclusive "red alert" indicator which shows if the gate is locked or not. It is particularly suited for hauling systems, or any time a pulley is used.

Petzl Charlet AM'D Locking D Carabiner
The Am'd or "American D" is Petzl Charlet's midsize D shaped locking carabiner. It utilizes the Keylock system which eliminates the notch in the carabiner nose, helping to prevent snagging on ropes, webbing, and anchors. In addition to the screwgate locking sleeve, the standard lock version uses a "Red Alert" safety indicator that shows a red line if the carabiner gate is not locked. Also available in Ball Lock autolocking, and Spinball rapid action manual locking.Features:Strengths: Open: 8kN Closed: 28kNWeight: 76g

Petzl Charlet Attache Lock Carabiner
This mid-sized 'biner fits on a rack inconspicuously and has a multitude of uses normally reserved for bigger, heavier 'biners. The "Red-Alert" safety indicator tells you with a glance if the biner is locked or not. Like the Spirit, the Attache uses the Keylock system for hassle-free clips. Super strong for its weight. Features:Patented Keylock snag-free gate closure won't hang up on rope or webbing Red security ring lets you see at a glance if screw-gate is closed

Wild Country Oxygen Screwgate
Wild Country Oxygen Screwgate

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