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Black Diamond ATC (air traffic controller)
Black Diamond ATC (air traffic controller)There ought to be an exhibit at the Louvre, celebrating climbing’s finest belay/rappel device but there’s not. The ATC must stand on its own. And with its unique geometry, light weight and extreme durability, the ATC needs very little help. Features:When used correctly, this device provides silky smooth belays, holds falls with ease and doesn’t kink ropes. Designed to feed rope smoothly while belaying or abseiling Locks up well with 9-11 mm ropes Elegant, simple design is very lightweight

Black Diamond ATC XP
Features:Black Diamonds new ATC-XP is a true variable-friction belay and rappel device. What’s this mean in plain English? Well, with the ATC-XP, a climber can control how much friction they want while belaying or rapping, which in turn means greater control with multiple rope diameters. Ice climbing with an 8.1-mm rope? Use the ATC-XP in high-friction mode, pulling the rope over the ATC-XP’s contoured teeth. Abseiling with a fuzzy 11-mm down a granite slab? Use the device in regular-friction mode. An extended central web keeps biners and ropes properly oriented and reduces kinking. An added bonus is the thick rope-bearing radii of the ATC-XP which means ropes wear less and last longer. Belay/rappel device with exceptional holding power Great for use with ropes of different diameters—8.1–11 mm Thick rope-bearing radii reduce rope wear

DMM 'The Bug'
The Bug is a modern lightweight hybird descent and belay device that has become renowned for it’s smooth handling qualities and fall arresting power. It's advanced hot forged ribbed profile has been designed for maximum heat dissipation while all edges have been heavily radiused to reduce rope wear. The attachment cable is very robust, rigid and sufficiently long to prevent it from jamming between the rope and the Belay Karabiner. Whatever the situation, the Bug is always guaranteed to let you down "safely!"

DMM Bugette
The Bugette from DMM is a must for all dedicated climbers. Features:The development of climbing ropes has made significant progress over the last few years, with rope diameters becoming ever smaller and the strength and performance ever more impressive. In line with this trend DMM have developed the Bugette to compliment its bigger brother the Bug. If you are using ropes from 7.5 mm through to 9.5 mm this is the belay device for you. Weighing in at around 26 grams, the Bugette will handle these ropes with ease. The design offers sufficient friction for holding a fall and yet the smooth, radiused walls are kind on the rope and allow easy snag free paying out and taking in.

Metolius B.R.D.
Metolius B.R.D.Our equipment is born out of respect for the sport we love, rock climbing. For the climber, danger and fear are ever-present and undeniable. A true sport, rock climbing means you have everything to lose at any given moment and absolutely nothing to gain . . . except for that indescribable feeling of "being" that every climber knows all too well.

Petzl Charlet GriGri
Grigri - One quick pull locks the pivoting cam inside the Grigri into place, exerting enough pressure to stop the fastest running 10- to 11-mm. diameter rope. This is also an excellent rescue device for lowering climbers.Features:Designed for climbing For use with single ropes ranging from 10 to 11 mm. in diameter CE approved Weight: 225 g.

Petzl Huit Antibrulure Descender
Petzl Huit Antibrulure DescenderThe square shape of this PETZL figure-eight descender reduces twisting of the rope and the formation of lark's head knots while abseiling. The small oval shaped hole allows use on thin ropes, or use as a belay plate. The anti-burn grip of the Huit Antibrulure allows the device to be handled when hot from a long or fast abseil. Made from forged aluminium. This model is anodised. Features:For use on ropes from 8 to 13mm - single or double. Weight: 110 - 10 0 g

Petzl Grigri 05
Petzl Grigri 05Device for belaying a leader or a second and for single rope descents.Features:Self-braking system: if the rope suddenly comes under tension (e.g. in a fall), the cam pivots to pinch the rope, thus helping the belayer stop the climber's fall. Self-braking system: if the rope suddenly comes under tension (e.g. in a fall), the cam pivots to pinch the rope, thus helping the belayer stop the climber's fall. Usage is similar to that of conventional belay devices: giving/taking slack is done by using both hands to slide the rope through the device, falls are held by holding the free end of the rope, for lowering and rappelling, the rate of descent is controlled by the hand holding the free end of the rope (the rope is released with the handle). Technical specifications : For ropes of diameters from 10 to 11 mm (9.7 mm accepted) 225 g

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