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MSR Lightning Ascent Womens 25
MSR Lightning Ascent Womens 25MSR partnered with an orthopedic gait specialist to design the revolutionary new Women's Lightning Ascent. The result is a snowshoe that features all the technical advantages of our Lightning Ascent™ —including unprecedented traction, performance, and usability—along with an even lighter, narrower frame that's specially tuned for a woman's stride. Features:Designed for WomenLighter and narrower than Lightning Ascents, these snowshoes are specially tuned for a woman's stride. Unrivaled TractionTotal-Traction frame delivers unprecedented 360° grip. SuperlightThe lightest snowshoe in its class. Unmatched on Steep TerrainTelevator™ heel lifter reduces calf fatigue, making climbing easier and more efficient. User-FriendlyStep-on binding fits a variety of boots and is fast, secure, and easy to use. Stable SupportTrue-Hinge™ steel crampon enhances foot stability and minimizes heel drift, resulting in more efficient gait mechanics a

MSR Denali Ascent Snowshoe
MSR Denali Ascent SnowshoeDemanding winter ascents require equipment as tough as you are, which is why we created the Denali Ascent snowshoes. These lightweight, technically superior snowshoes offer incredible performance on ice and snow-covered landscapes. Features:Deck PlatformExpedition proven, nonstick deck sheds snow and ice. Modular4- and 8-inch flotation tails make MSR snowshoes a 3-in-1 package, eliminating the need for multiple pairs of snowshoes (sold separately). Steel Traction BarsSerrated edges run the length of the shoe on both sides and grip the snow for unmatched traction while traversing. Televator Heel LifterWhen needed, they support the heel to reduce calf fatigue on long ascents. Durable Steel CramponsHardened steel crampons with four aggressive front teeth offer unrivaled traction. Steel Saber TeethProvide extra grip in hard-packed snow. Braking BarsQuad-point braking bars work in conjunction with the steel crampons to stop you

MSR Lightning Ascent 25
MSR Lightning Ascent 25 MSR's new Lightning Ascents represent a revolution in snowshoe design. Available in men's and women’s models, they feature a patent-pending Total-Traction™ frame—made from one vertical blade of aerospace-grade aluminum—that delivers unprecedented 360° traction. They're also the lightest snowshoes in their class—about 15% lighter than competitors—with performance and usability that surpass everything that's come before. Features:Unrivaled Traction : Total-Traction frame delivers unprecedented 360° grip. Superlight : The lightest snowshoe in its class. Unmatched on Steep Terrain : Televator™ heel lifter reduces calf fatigue, making climbing easier and more efficient. User-Friendly : Step-on binding fits a variety of boots and is fast, secure, and easy to use. Stable Support : True-Hinge™ steel crampon enhances foot stability and minimizes heel drift, resulting in more efficient gait mechanics and less expended energy. 100% Waterproof : Mate

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